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A Metaphysical Boutique

Helping you create your sacred space.

In 2022, Terra Luna was born to not be just another crystal shop but an experience for the senses.  The elements are used as the backdrop for the boutique, helping to create an atmosphere of enchantment and balance in all areas.  Inspiring you to create your craft, your zen or just a bit of bliss in an otherwise hectic day.

We carry items both old and new. We feature items from local artisans and are always looking for new vendors and products.  If you see something you think will fit the energy of our shop, let me know and i will explore the option.  Also on hand we will have one of kind pieces of art, antique statues and accessories for your altar and your craft.

In addition to our merchandise, the boutique will also be home to reiki masters, craniosacral therapists, therapists practicing multiple energy modules, coaches, teachers, various readers and massage therapists. We offer monthly workshops and classes, new and full moon sound baths and group sessions with guest teachers, healers and readers. See Elements of Wellness for more information.

Our vision in creating this space is one that is constantly changing to reflect the needs and wants of our customers.  We want to offer a collection of curated merchandise, through carefully selected artisans and vendors alike to make our customers’ shopping experience enjoyable and a boutique to remember.


Come in and shop for a while.

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