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Meet Alicia Barnett, conjurer behind Terra Luna

Terra Luna was not just a brick and mortar vision, it was an energy, a feel, a cumulation of ideas and passions all put into one space.

All About Me

I grew up in an Italian household in Queens, New York and was raised a Roman Catholic. I thought I was Italian/Irish until about five years ago when I did my DNA.  Turns out, I'm Italian/Greek, which makes so much more sense to me. I love Italy, I must have had many past lives there.


I am a Star Wars geek and  I love 80's music and Lethal Weapon movies, I enjoy Mediterranean food and everything about the lifestyle. Kinda goes hand in hand with Italy. One day, I would love to visit Greece.


I did the traditional career paths…. I was in advertising, I was a sales representative and spent the last 25 years in the auction world as an antique appraiser and most recently ran an auction house.  Once upon a lifetime ago in a land called New Jersey, I ran an animal rescue and was responsible for cat adoptions. I rescued and adopted out over 300 cats and kittens.


Magic happened in bits and pieces, nothing that said “This is it!”.  I've had a few ghostly experiences in my late teens/early 20’s and I think my last encounter, mixed in with the ghosts of Salem, scared me for a long time. I started to study and learn more about the craft in my 40’s. Books helped me make it through to the other side of a tough time, and I really embraced it about seven years ago (living my authentic life) I’m 54 now and I’ve been in this constant learning pattern and am coming into my own. 


I’m a Virgo sun, Scorpio moon and Libra rising. I like my aesthetics, not too cluttered, natural and things have to be pleasing to the eye and soothing to my soul. I love the smell and feel of the earth and forest, the smell and sound of the beach and all the changes of the weather. I ground barefoot in the earth no matter what the weather.  I love my backyard during all seasons, it is my sanctuary, a place where I go to recharge and relax.


I am a chaos/eclectic witch.  I practice by the moon phases. I work with herbs, deities, crystals, and elements. I see signs and decipher my dreams.  Dreams hold many messages for me.  I am a devotee of the Greek goddess Artemis. She really helped me keep an eye on my goals. I honor and work with my ancestors, I am an empath.  Can you say awakening? I have always loved old places and things and I also believe all things carry an energy with them.  


I took my love of the metaphysical world, books, antiques and decorative items and opened Terra Luna.  I enjoy bringing all the things I love together and making them sing.


Your vibe really does attract your tribe, I have met so many wonderful people who have also experienced this huge awakening and are looking to teach and support others along their path.  I believe there is a shift happening in the world and I am called to be a part of it. 


I look forward to meeting you!

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